QuickSight via CloudFormation

True CloudFormation Support for QuickSight was added at end of Jan'21. The initial release launched support for Templates, Themes, Analysis and Dashboards via CloudFormation. Support for DataSources and DataSets was added early Apr'21. Below sample covers setting up all the above mentioned components.

CloudFormation sample

Launch the following sample by clicking the below button and following regular CloudFormation screens to create the stack. It will setup a Data source, Data set, Template (visible only via API), Theme, Analysis and Dashboard in the region where you are running this stack. You can view the yaml code of this sample in CloudFormation designer.
Launch CloudFormation Sample

CloudFormation sample using custom resources

With true CloudFormation support available for our main components, you shouldn’t need to rely on below custom resource route any more.

Launch CloudFormation Custom Resource Sample Download Full Code